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Our mission is to implement feasible and durable Smart City Infrastructure that provides instant returns, future-proofing and real quality of life improvements to citizens and communities.

NB SmartCities NZ specialises in smart city turnkey solutions. Combining global and local products with leading resources that are highly experienced in integrating Internet of Things (IoT) networks, WiFi systems and LED streetlights. 
We are unique in the market as we are not just a product seller and designer!
We offer management and leasing of smart city services to meet your demands and those of your users. Plus we create agnostic solutions that can be installed, used and maintained by qualified electrical contractors.
Plus we know your infrastructure and understand New Zealand requirements for Councils, NZ Transport Agency, funding pathways and local road authorities’ requirements. 

we can do

  • Save you money and help you monetise your assets - drastically reduce city energy consumption and maintenance 

  • Future proof your city through Smart City Network infrastructure 

  • Collaborate with you to keep our citizens safe and connected  

  • Offer powerful solutions to gather a wide variety of data from the environment 


we do it

  • We integrate, deliver and operate Smart City Network infrastructure 

  • We develop and operate Smart City as a Service (SCaaS) business models 

  • We design, manufacture and integrate Smart LED Street Light Luminaires  


we do it

  • Citizen Drivers – meeting the needs of citizens (including ourselves) for connectivity and efficiency 

  • Sustainability - making better use of what we already have 


we are

NB SmartCities NZ Ltd is a New Zealand based joint venture between NB SmartCities Pty Ltd (Australia and Denmark)  and the McKay Group  (an 80 year old, 100% NZ family owned Electrical Engineering company).  Providing solutions that have been endorsed by electrical engineers and contractors for other electrical engineers and contractors and their end clients. 

Faces to the names


Claus Oustrup

Executive Director and

Martin Nielsen.jpg

Martin Nielsen


Ramesh Goud Guniganti

Smart City Network Engineer


Janet Love

Sales Manager - NZ


Valerio Tofanelli

Product Development and Light Design Engineer

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