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What is NB Axis?

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It is the node that adds on to your smart city module and allows you to interact with your public IoT (Internet of Things) using LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network). NB Axis allows two way communication with your devices (e.g. air quality sensors and street lights) to transmit tiny amounts of monitoring data over long distances and using very low power. 

 The NB Axis network is a state of the art Low Power Area Network  (LPWAN) based  on the open standard of LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is becoming the world’s fastest growing protocol for unlicensed IoT networks

NB Axis modules for streetlights

Look up! The most obvious infrastructure for your LoraWan may be right above you, on that street light

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With NB Axis you will own your own LoRaWAN™ compatible infrastructure. This enables a future proof and cost effective framework for additional IoT and Smart City applications to the benefit of your community, using low power – long range (LoRa) networks.
Key areas of use:

  • Street light control

  • Public Services

  • Municipality Services

  • Environment sensors, Locations Sensors etc etc

Your own Internet of Things (IOT)

Monetize your Assets

​Let your network pay its own way by monetizing your assets  including: 

  • Provide Internet access

  • Data collection and selling

  • Smart parking

  • ITS systems

IoT Sensors

NB Axis system architecture

NB Axis Architecture.png
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