By using LED luminaires pre-integrated with Smart City elements, the infrastructure becomes a natural element of the city landscape and can be planned as part of LED lighting upgrades. This approach ensures feasibility and roll-out of your Smart City investments are optimized and scalable.




What a Smart City Enabled street light can do for you


All day, everyday functionality

  • High Efficiency LED Street Light

  • V-CAT & P-CAT 

  • NZ Transport Agency M30 and Auckland Transport (AT) approved specs

  •  20-200 Watt 

  • Smart City Enabled (see below)



  • Scandinavian Design

  • High Efficiency LED Street Light

  • Mounting options to replace both streetlight and Decorative Lights 

  • Tool less opening

  • 20-120 watt 

  • In-built Smart City Module / Smart City Enabled (see below)

for existing or desired infrastructure

We think you'll love the Crux+ and the Gyro! But, if you have something else in mind, give us a chance to bring it to light. 
For example; our electricians have developed an LED light bulb for existing florescent light fittings.



The CLO programmable driver is added to the CRUX plus or GYRO plus luminaires. CLO  stands  for ‘Constant  Lumen Output' and the driver gives an exact current level, giving a precise customised wattage for each pole and luminaire to compensate the lumen depreciation over the life of the LED.   Built-in sensors measure the temperature of the components and the controller decides  how much voltage the luminaire needs  to reach a defined lumen package.



At NB SmartCities NZ we can engineer the EXACT light output, specific to your arrangements. The result is that you only pay for the power that you need to meet required  lighting levels, with no wastage  of lux or power. 

Let us conduct a more exact lighting design and consequently configuration setting for each LED driver to optimise your return from this product.


Good for your health good for the world

Light pollution (a.k.a Urban Sky Glow, Glare, and Visual Clutter) from excessive and inappropriate artificial light is a form of environmental degradation.
There is evidence which links the brightening night sky directly to measurable negative  impacts on human health and immune function; adverse changes  in insect and animal populations; and a decrease of both ambient  quality and safety in our night-time  environment.
With our superior lens technology and CLO driver functions,  NB SmartCities luminaires are designed  to minimise upward  light leakage, and dynamically control the amount  of light directed at the carriageway.



The fundamental luminaire design is of the

highest grade of quality and durability, all the way from the alu materials to the heatsink design, and LED driver/chip configuration.

Providing an efficient and profitable long term investment and operation of public lighting services. The vital components are based on advanced technology LED solutions from OSRAM, one the world's leading LED technology providers, and as such CRUX PLUS offer unsurpassed warranty and risk foundation.

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