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Smart City included in LED Street Light Upgrage

District Council, NZ


Poor Lighting

Council had poor lighting across their network causing un-secure roading conditions and a large number of public complaints. 

Energy efficient and reduced light pollution

NB SmartCities NZ provided updated light design, resulting in

  • reduced lighting pollution through "constant lumen ouput" CLO programmable driver

  • Energy savings

Safe road lighting to NZ Transport Agency standards

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Maintenance and Public Concerns

Approx. 50% of the Council's help-centre calls were regarding street light complaints which could not be addressed easily with a traditional lighting network.

Smart Lighting – Real Time and Proactive

Smart City Lighting as a Service administrated through the NB Axis node (LoRaWAN network) gave ultimate controllability of individual LEDs so citizen concerns can be addressed in real time. Repairs are proactively dealt with and the network is monitored 24/7. 

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WiFi - Expensive and inconsistent

To attract visitors and boost local trade Council wanted an effective and fast public WiFi network. Key to attracting more tourism in preparation for visitors brought by a new  motorway (due 2019)

WiFi – Affordable and attractive

A cost effective meshed WiFi network was installed using NB Connect embedded within the street lights.  It delivers a carrier grade fast WiFi network as an effective backbone for tourism, industry and the public.

This public WiFi also reduces the digital divide amongst residents and provides opportunity for all.

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Public Safety Concerns

Local crime issues have become a concern to Council and local police. Expanding the local CCTV network would give them better capabilities to deal with these issues.  

Safety - real time, comprehensive coverage

NB Cam is a CCTV that works on the NB Connect WiFi network or directly backhauled. At a fraction of the cost of traditional CCTV.

This elegant solution is easily expanded to increase public safety and provide better Intelligent Transport System (ITS) analytics.


Pollution risk to public

The pulp and paper mill, located nearby, can cause a pollution risk to public from minor to possibly catastrophic in case of a Chlorine leak.  This requires proactive monitoring, which is currently not in place.

Live monitoring for fast response

The NB AirQ sensor is connected to the NB Axis IoT. The air sensors provide live monitoring of the air quality 24/7, connected to response measures and can be installed anywhere on Council’s street light network.

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