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Upgrades VS Smart City Strategies

– How to Future Proof and Maximise Investment.

NB SmartCities in collaboration with Lux Mapping NZ were proud bronze-sponsors of the 2018 Australian Lighting Summit in Melbourne this year. The topic of our presentation, to Councils and colleagues, revolved around using Smart City Strategies to Future Proof and Maximise the Investment.

Getting started on your investment

We work with your budget, whatever the size: from improving safety on a single intersection to upgrading WiFi connectivity for a whole rural district. To make this even easier for you we've developed some 'kit' solutions so you can start with a pilot or jump straight in. Some slides from our presentation are shown below, get in touch if you want to know more:

"You don't have to be a big city (or even a city) to get started."

Lux mapping - the proof is in

Conference attendees were very interested in the performance monitoring and system improvements that can be gained through cost effective lux mapping. David Raven (Director - Lux Mapping) presented a case study from South Waikato District showing before and after comparisons of lux mapping following the installation of NB SmartCities NZ's LED lighting system.

Smart Lighting

Implementation of new lighting technology is a good opportunity for asset owners to introduce the smart technology required for the level of service (LoS) performance measurements. Including:

  • Lighting as a Service

  • Identify and rectify lighting deficient areas (and safety concerns)

  • Improve maintenance and operations (in real time)

  • Establish forward works programme


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